OEM Wheels Compared To Aftermarket Wheels

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Large Manufacturers such as Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes, Tesla and other large name brand manufacturers have a high quality control standard while aftermarket wheels do not have to meet these same requirements.

Buyer Beware! We have found that OEM rims are superior in over all finish quality, casting process or machining process, hardening process and conversion treatment process, aluminum alloy make up as well as design durability tests to be superior compared to 90% percent of aftermarket wheels available in the consumer market. 

It is important to do your research before purchasing rims for your vehicle. When in doubt, stay with your original OEM rims!

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer which means it was designed, produced by the original manufacturer of your vehicle which is designed specifically to maximize ride comfort, safety and durability for your rims. Car manufacturers invest a large amount of time and research designing and testing your OEM rims to meet and/or exceed DOT standards for your vehicle.  It is one of the most important parts of your car! OEM wheels are subject to all classic hardness test methods such as Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, and ball indentation hardness tests. 

Wheel Testing Which OEM Wheel Factories undergo are: 

  • Fatigue testing: Radial and Cornering Test
  • Impact testing:13-degee side impact test(SAE J175)
  • Hydrostatic burst testing: Using Pressurized Water Jets to determine the margin of safety above the rated wheel pressure.
  • Strain gauging / stress analysis: Customized strain analysis protocols OEM Manufacturer Requirements
  • Rim contour / dimensional checks: Ensuring wheels are in accordance with Tire and Rim Association standards
  • Metallurgical testing: Metallurgical analysis of steel and aluminum wheels
  • Coatings analysis:  ASTM B117, ASTM D3170

OEM factories are required to have ASTM and ISO standard testings which many aftermarket wheel factories do not perform.